Step 1: Enter the text you want to check

To get started, you need to enter the content you want to check. You can either do this by pasting text from a source, or you can enter the URL of a page and we'll check it.

Step 2: Our algorithms get to work

We run a specially trained AI neural network on dedicated custom hardware. The neural network is designed to detect patterns used by GPT and BARD based AI text generation models (which make up nearly all of the current online AI content writing or rewriting tools). These patterns are found based on the probability that certain words or phrases are found close to certain other words or phrases.

Step 3: AI Detector Pro shows you which parts of the document exhibit fingerprints of AI

Our system determines the word and phrase relationships found in step 2. It then creates a report with that information, as well as a paragraph-by-paragraph analysis of the text. This analysis highlights the sections, words, and phrases that are most clearly AI generated.

Step 4: AI Detector Pro helps you humanize your writing

AI Detector Pro helps you revise your document to appear more human by finding the sections that trigger AI detectors, and showing you what needs to be changed. AI Detector Pro can also suggest alternate wordings for your content, sorted by likelihood of detection.

AI Detector Pro helps students, job seekers, and employees

  • AI Detector Pro brings you peace of mind and preserves academic integrity by showing you that you won’t be a false positive.
  • AI Detector Pro lets you improve AI-developed resumes, cover letters, and thank you notes before you submit them to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that might be scanning for AI.
  • AI Detector Pro allows you to improve first drafts and catch AI-generated mistakes in your content.
  • AI Detector Pro allows you to add tone, voice, and context to content you develop for your business.
  • AI Detector Pro allows you to add and edit your own content in countries where AI-use is banned by law.

That's all!

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