What does AI Detector Pro do?

AI Detector Pro is a tool that makes writing human-sounding content with AI. It does two main things:

  • It shows you what parts of your document trigger AI detection
  • It provides automated rewrites as well as rewriting help to make your AI content human
  • What can AI Detector Pro work with?

    AI Detector Pro works with text generated by GPT, BARD, and most lesser-known AI language models. These are used in almost all AI article generation tools. They also are used in popular grammar and style correction tools.

    How can I get help?

    Email us at help@aidetector.pro -- we're happy to help.

    Why is the free version limited?

    Our AI detection and rewriting algorithms are very compute-intensive. They need to be run on GPUs optimized for AI applications, which are extremely expensive still. For this reason, each report costs us a non-insignificant amount of money.

    Is AI Detector Pro 100% accurate?

    No. Language generation models are based on algorithms that have a random component. There is no way to be 100% accurate in identifying these. In the vast majority of cases, AI Detector Pro is accurate, and we are constantly improving and updating our algorithms to maximize accuracy. Similarly, you may need to run automated rewrites more than once to get the result you are looking for.

    Does AI Detector Pro work in multiple languages?

    Currently, AI Detector Pro only works in English. Our system was trained on an English-language dataset, so it's not able to properly classify other languages. However, we are looking into expanding it in the future to work with other languages.

    How does the AI Eraser in AI Detector Pro work?

    The AI Eraser helps you humanize your content by finding words and phrases that trigger AI detection tools. You can edit the content manually to remove the AI, or you can use AI Eraser's automated rewrites to speed up the process. Since AI Eraser's suggestions use our proprietary modeling they're less likely to trigger AI detection tools.

    How does AI text generation work?

    AI text generation is based on a modified neural network called a "transformer" network. In training the network, the computer reads a huge dataset and looks at relative probabilities of words. For example, the word "is" comes after the word "he" very often, so the computer learns that when it writes text, it should follow "he" with "is".

    This is complicated by something called "attention", which allows the computer to look at other words in context to determine which words should be generated. For example, the computer will often see the name "Mark" and then later "he" in a sentence; however, it will rarely see "Mark" and then "she" in a sentence. Because of this, when asked to generate a story about "Mark", it will use "he" instead of "she".

    What does the free version include?

    The free version includes 3 scans. After that, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

    What counts as a report?

    Each time AI Detector Pro scans a document, it counts as one report. If you scan the same document multiple times, it counts as multiple report. If you use the AI Eraser, each time you click "Scan" you're running a new report.

    Does the free version include AI Eraser?

    The free version includes a some AI Eraser functionality; however, it doesn't provide automated rewrites.

    I wrote something by hand but AI Detector Pro thinks it's AI?

    Many grammar checkers and writing tools use GPT under the hood. Because of this, if you used a popular grammar/writing tool, AI Detector Pro (and other AI detection tools) may detect it as AI.

    How do I cancel?

    You can cancel by logging in and going to your Account page by clicking the "Account" link at the bottom left of the screen. From there, click "View plan details." On that page there is a button to cancel.

    What does AI Detector Pro detect?

    AI Detector Pro has been trained on GPT based data (GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-4, GPT-J), as well as BARD. It also can detect nearly all lesser-known AI language models.

    How do I enable two-factor authentication?

    We recommend that anyone with important data in AI Detector Pro enables two-factor authentication. You can do this by clicking the "Account" link at the bottom-left of the page. Then click "Security" and open the "Two-factor authentication" tab. Then select "Enabled" in the dropdown and save. Once you have done this, every time you log in your will be sent an email with a verification code.