What does AI Detector Pro do?

AI is proliferating at a shocking pace. In almost every industry, humans are being replaced by AI bots or automated decision making tools. One of the most significant advancements in AI was the recent introduction of the GPT by OpenAI.

GPT uses what's called a "transformer" model to generate text in a way that's indetectable to an average person. GPT and its relatives can write entire articles without human input. These articles sound authoritative, but they often contain factual errors that make them dangerous.

Unfortunately, a surprisingly large number of people have begun to use GPT to complete assignments -- instead of writing articles manually. And an entire cottage industry has popped up around this. Hundreds of companies now use GPT to offer automated article writing or rewriting tools. Some examples are Jasper and Quillbot.


Are you paying for high quality content? If so, you don't want your freelancers to be sending you AI generated content, which they produced in minutes.

More importantly, Google has said AI generated content is against it's rules, and it may be penalized. AI Detector Pro can help you identify what content may have been written by AI so you can maximize ROI.


Are you an educator? Are your students writing reports and papers themselves, or are they using AI? Most humans can't tell the difference, but AI Detector Pro can.

AI Detector Pro can help you identify which students may be using AI to write their papers and which are writing without automated assistance.

That's all!

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