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AIDP is the best AI humanizing and detection tool you can get. We have combined top-of-the-line automated humanizing with AI detection to help you produce content faster than ever.


Precise details on what parts of your document trigger AI detectors


Manual or automated rewrites to make your document human


Tonal analysis to see if your document sounds like AI


Automated humanization

AI Eraser is an AI content rewriting tool that helps you humanize text that was generated by AI. There are different options available, depending on how human you want your rewrites to sound.

Pinpoint editing

Pinpoint Editor detects and highlights the most robotic-sounding part within any piece of writing generated by AI. It tells you where you should focus your rewriting efforts.


AI Phraseology surfaces the jargon and phrases used by AI that shift the tone of your writing. AI Detector Pro highlights these, so you can substitute an appropriate alternative.

Tone analysis

Provides you with a visual of your writing tone, elucidating how your writing sounds to the human ear. AIDP evaluates your text on our proprietary 11 dimensions of tone.

AI detection

Detection is a major part of AIDP, allowing us to pinpoint parts of the document that need editing. We update our algorithm daily to keep up with changes in GPT and other AI models. AI Detection is currently available in English, German and Spanish.

Docs & Word plugins

Save your time by writing, scanning, and editing right inside of Google Docs or Word in Office 365.

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Original written by ChatGPT

Among the marvels nestled in Northern Europe's scenic wilderness is the stunning realm known as Norway. Crafted by the skilled strokes of nature and carved by glaciers, intricate fjords, and the captivating Northern Lights, Norway offers an arsenal of pristine splendors making it a worthwhile destination for any world explorer. This Scandinavia's crown jewel tells a thousand captivating tales rich in history, culture, magnificent landscapes, and impressive architecture, demonstrating ceaselessly why amidst gazillions of locales on Earth, it truly stands apart.

Rewrite 1

In the beautiful landscapes of Northern Europe, you’ll find Norway. It's shaped by nature’s own hands and big icy glaciers, with wonderful fjords and the amazing Northern Lights. Norway is a must-see spot for anyone who loves traveling. It shines like a star in Scandinavia with its amazing history, culture; and extremely gorgeous scenery. It offers a group of perfect beauties and really stands out among the many places to see across the globe.

Rewrite 2

In the scenic lands of Northern Europe sits Norway. Shaped by nature's own hand and made with deep fjords and this amazing light show in the sky, the Northern Lights, Norway's just packed with a large amount of top-notch natural related things that makes it a great spot for anyone who loves to travel. It's the best bit of Scandinavia, because it's got many excellent stories focused on its past, its people; and some wonderful nature and buildings that show why, of all the places on Earth, it's truly unique.

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