What does AI Detector Pro do?

AI Detector Pro is the most feature-laden AI detection tool you can get. We've combined top-of-the-line AI detection with our brand-new feature, AI Eraser, to help you scan, edit and produce content faster than ever.

AI Eraser helps you humanize your writing by finding the sections that trigger AI detectors, showing you what needs to be changed. It can also suggest alternate wordings for your content, sorted by likelihood of detection.

AI Eraser lets you iteratively modify and check your document, so you can save yourself tons of copying and pasting.

But it gets better: we have add-ins for Microsoft Word and Google Docs (Google Docs coming soon), so you can detect and edit your content right in your favorite Word Processor. That results in significant time savings over other tools.

To see how AI Detector Pro and the AI Eraser can help you, check out the videos below. (Note: if the videos are blurry you may need to change the quality by clicking the gear icon and selecting 1080p.)

AI Eraser on the web

This video shows how you can humanize documents with AI Eraser on the web.

AI Detector Pro Microsoft Word Addin

This video shows how you can install and use AI Detector Pro and AI Eraser in Microsoft Word. You can iteratively edit and scan your document without ever leaving your favorite word processor.

That's all!

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