What does AI Detector Pro do?

AI is proliferating at a shocking pace. In almost every industry, humans are being replaced by AI bots or automated decision-making tools. One of the most significant advancements in AI was the recent introduction of the GPT by OpenAI.

GPT uses what's called a "transformer" model to generate text in a way that's undetectable to an average person. GPT and its relatives can write entire articles without human input. These articles sound authoritative, but they often contain factual errors that make them dangerous. As AI software has taken off, so have AI Detection tools. Many of these are focused on institutions over the individual, purchased by universities or high schools, or companies that want to figure out whether a student or employee has used AI tools outside of their guidelines. The downside to AI detection is that accuracy is incredibly difficult to maintain. Accurate algorithms require daily updating, even as technology changes daily. Without this level of commitment, detection software can produce false flags, leaving innocent people traumatized from accusations of cheating.


How clear are your corporate guidelines on the use of AI? Have they even thought about it yet? If they issued one, did they provide clear examples of what you can or can’t use it for? Or is it a bit fuzzy? Has clarification on what software will be used to check your work been provided? Are they repurposing software for another industry?

If you are going to be penalized for the use of AI in your job, AI Detector Pro can help you identify whether or not inaccurate, repurposed software from another industry might be used to fire you. Don’t risk it before you submit it. Be in the know with AI Detector Pro.


If you’re a student, chances are that you’re dealing with inarticulate campus policies on the use of AI on TOP of individual policies from individual educators. The current situation is ripe for disaster where the burden will be carried by innocent students.

AI Detector Pro can help you identify whether you will be falsely accused of cheating although you submit your original work. Click before you submit!

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