About AI Detector Pro

The AI Detection Pro story is interesting. The founder of AI Detector Pro is a serial entrepreneur from MIT who had been working in the niche marketing space. Over the last 5 years, he flipped several content websites, building traffic across multiple domains and becoming a content expert. Over time he realized that content was changing. As an experiment, built the first version of AI Detector Pro for ChatGPT-2 and released it for public use on one of his sites in January 2023. It quickly became the most popular part of that site. He then updated it across ChatGPT-3 and ChatGPT-4. Assessing the effort he had to do to keep his technology updated, he realized the impact of all AI Detection technologies.

The problem with AI is commonly understood as “AI will help cheaters which is why we need AI detection technology.” He flipped that on its head and identified a more concerning problem which is “Who is most likely to be accused of cheating because of AI Detection software?” His co-founder joined him in February of 2023. By April, stories about innocent students and employees being accused of using AI began to accumulate and AI Detector Pro’s growth started to take off. Both founders realized that the problem of “who is most likely to be accused” was a more important problem to solve in AI detection than “who should we accuse,” and changed their focus to helping individuals avoid being falsely flagged for cheating rather than perpetuating system problems experienced by institutions. Today we are used by students and employees across the globe to protect themselves from unfair accusations of cheating.

Our Difference

Today, AI Detector Pro’s purpose is to keep up with AI advancement and protect all students and employees against accusations of cheating.

We are not against the use of ChatGPT. Our perspective is that:

  • Everyone should follow the rules: Our difference is that we don’t start from the assumption that everyone is cheating.
  • Policies haven’t been set in stone: a campus may have 200 mildly differentiated policies across 200 different classrooms. It is rare to find clearly defined corporate policies in the private sector when some departments are excited about the use of AI while others remain reluctant. This makes it tricky for AI Detection software and can lead to false flags when an individual may have used AI in the manner prescribed by individual educators or managers. AI software developed for institutions will never be able to capture that nuance and students and employees may be falsely flagged even while following the guidelines.
  • Individuals accused of cheating experience serious trauma: We know that no one sets out to develop detection software that can perpetuate pre-existing biases or false flags, but we also know that the impact can be traumatic. It increases anxiety, creates social isolation, and pits people against each other, both in academia and in the corporate world. This is why we help everyone get peace of mind before they submit assignments or projects.

Don’t the people with the least power have the most to lose?

If you are interested in learning more, including an API trial, please contact us here.