Our Money Back Guarantee

We constantly scour the latest outputs of ChatGPT and GPT-3 to keep AI Detector Pro up to date. Although no AI detection tool is 100% accurate, we update our algorithms almost daily, in order to make sure that we can identify the latest GPT code. We're so confident that we are the most accurate GPT AI detector tool that we offer a money back guarantee.

Here is how our money back guarantee works: If you find an AI detector tool that does a better job on identifying content created by GPT within 30 days of signing up for AI Detector Pro, let us know.

We will ask you to send us at least 10 samples for which AI Detector Pro is wrong and the other tool is correct. Samples must be in a language that AI Detector Pro supports (currently, English only). If we can reproduce the results you found, we will give you a full refund.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds for accounts older than 30 days or enterprise level subscriptions. For additional terms and conditions, see this.